Tornado strikes Missouri village leaving at least five people dead

What’s it like to use Paramount Plus?  I tested the app across an Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, along with an iPhone (Android phone, and found the experience to be largely the same across all platforms in terms of layout and content. 

The value of the deal surpasses the five-year contract that Davante Adams signed after he was traded from Green Bay to Las Vegas last week, which averages $28.5 million and includes $67.5 million guaranteed.

If you’re already a fan of any of the CBS or Viacom shows that are available — or you’re just looking to change up your streaming options after a year of binge-watching — the Paramount Plus $5-a-month plan is not a bad option. But if you’re looking to cut back on your streaming services, it isn’t a must-have on the same level as Hulu, for example, which costs nearly the same and has much more variety and original programming.

We first meet Drake as a young boy, sneaking into a museum to steal Ferdinand Magellan’s map of the world. This junior heist goes wrong, and his beloved older brother goes on the lam from their orphanage, leaving Nathan to grow into a cocky bartender with a sideline in relieving women of their jewelry if they spurn his pushy flirting. Holland plays older Drake with his usual likable sincerity, which makes him fun to watch but utterly unconvincing as a calculating pickpocket. Still, he looks real enough to Mark Wahlberg, who shows up at the bar one night to recruit Drake for a heist that involves — gasp! — Magellan’s map, untold lost golden riches and — double gasp! — Drake’s missing brother. Next thing you know the duo are off round the world solving puzzles and uncovering ancient clues, chased by a purring millionaire and his vicious mercenaries.

The Chiefs will get the Dolphins´ first- and second-round picks and their fourth-rounder in this year and fourth- and sixth-round picks next year, along with some much-needed salary cap relief in the latest major NFL trade.

By the end, Uncharted has shifted into Pirates of the Caribbean mode, but at least brings its own bonkers twist to the poop deck punch-ups. In this sequence and throughout the film. Holland’s exuberance, decent VFX and mischievous stunt choreography keeps things watchable, which makes the inevitable post-credits scene and sequel tease more bearable. 

The Chiefs had been in discussions with Hill on a contract extension in part because they sought relief from a tight salary cap situation. But talks had stalled over the past few days, and Hill´s representatives requested permission to seek a trade, which came together quickly with multiple teams expressing interest in him.

Four TurboTax products — Basic, Deluxe, Premier and Self-Employed — cover the range of taxpayers. We recommend the Deluxe level at $78 for most filers if your taxes are even slightly complicated, but if you know you don’t qualify for most deductions or credits, stick with Basic for free.

Uncharted adapts a video game, but you don’t have to be a gamer to see where it lifts its inspiration. This new flick is about treasure hunters stealing ancient gold, but the bigger theft is the film’s unabashed thieving from Indiana Jones, Ocean’s Eleven and Pirates of the Caribbean. Still, if anyone can carry off such brazen burglary, it’s smooth criminal Tom Holland, following Marvel (and Sony’s) smash hit Spider-Man: No Way Home with a breezy romp that confirms his star power.

The second is through the free programs of non-alliance members, like Intuit’s TurboTax and H&R Block. These private services offer free products for those with simple filing situations, and as long as you don’t have complications like investment income or rental property income, you can stick with the free products all the way through filing. 

Even Cash App Taxes, which earns CNET’s award for Best Free Tax Software, doesn’t cover absolutely all tax situations. While it does include advanced tax forms for self-employment, rental property, stock sales, small business income and the child care credit, it doesn’t allow for foreign earned income, the health coverage tax credit or income from an estate or trust (Form K-1).

Woods is a nine-year veteran who tore his left ACL in practice on Nov. 12, the first significant injury of his career. The 6-foot, 195-pound receiver has played 125 games with 570 catches for 7,077 yards and 35 touchdowns with Buffalo and the Rams.

Uncharted is in theaters now. It isn’t a direct adaptation of the much-loved series of Naughty Dog games for Sony PlayStation, instead telling a new origin story for two-fisted tomb raider Nathan Drake. The film does borrow its opening from the games, however, launching straight into a slam-bang action scene that showcases Holland’s easy charm and some improbably gravity-defying spectacle.

If that sounds like lightweight fun, well, it kind of is. Holland’s unpolished version of Drake spends most of his time getting his ass kicked, tumbling acrobatically into various scrapes and misadventures. The opening sequence is then topped by an utterly ridiculous final act, which offers some delightfully silly and infectiously entertaining blockbuster spectacle.

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