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The supply crunch from sanctions on Russia, stuttering nuclear talks with Iran, dwindling oil stockpiles and worries about a surge of COVID-19 cases in China hitting demand all drove the rollercoaster ride over the week.

Part of that is simply because it didn’t happen quite so often, but you can also thank the new support for 160MHz channel width, up from 80MHz last time around. That’s the key part of the Plus pitch, and it means that the system can now move data twice as efficiently to 160MHz-compatible devices, of which there are many. Even without devices like that on your network, you’ll still benefit from the faster connection between the Eero devices themselves. That, combined with a faster-than-before AX3000 build, means that your speeds won’t drop as much if the Eero 6 Plus routes your connection through an extender that’s three rooms away instead of one that’s one room away.

The sister said that Josh had been sneaking into the shared girls’ bedroom and touching her breasts and genitals while she slept on four or five occasions. Once, she woke up while he was taking a blanket away from her.

Brooke Warne arrived at the family meeting accompanied by another woman. The 24-year-old daughter of the late cricketing legend shared a photo of what looked like a pink ice bucket with ‘SW FOREVER LOVED’ written on it in gold text on Wednesday night.

At $299 for a three-pack, there’s plenty of value here, particularly given that a lot of other top-performing systems cost more for a two-pack. Since the system is backward-compatible with previous generations, I also like the idea that people who already own an Eero system can pick up a 6 Plus device whenever those go on sale and swap it into their setup. Either way, the Eero 6 Plus is well worth considering, and a great option for anyone looking for a faster connection at home.

‘[Josh] had gone in and just basically touched them over their clothes while they were sleeping,’ he went on, adding that there were ‘a couple incidents where he touched them under their clothes, but it was, like, a few seconds.

A speech by Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday warning “traitors and scum” at home who helped the West that they would be spat out like gnats added to market jitters about an extended conflict.

According to a press release from the US Attorney’s Office, Western District of Arkansas, the case is being prosecuted as part of Project Safe Childhood, a nationwide initiative to combat the growing epidemic of child sexual exploitation and abuse.

Jackson Warne, 23, led the family contingent as they arrived at St Kilda Football Club at Moorabbin in Melbourne on Thursday afternoon, with the spin king’s son to toss the coin at Friday’s AFL match between his beloved Saints and Collingwood. 

MELBOURNE, March 18 (Reuters) – Oil prices extended their rally on Friday at the end of a third volatile week of trade as there was slim progress in peace talks between Russia and Ukraine, raising the spectre of tighter sanctions and a prolonged disruption to oil supply.

His 23-year-old son Jackson – who has ‘stepped up’ in the family – is juggling funeral preparations with his commitment to perform the coin toss at Friday’s AFL match between St Kilda and Collingwood in his dad’s honour

Now Josh — whose wife Anna, 32, is currently pregnant with their seventh child — will face trial for best homeschool online program ‘downloading child sex abuse material in 2019,’ marking the first time he has been charged with a crime despite formerly confessing to molesting his siblings.

Oats added, “I think if we can take care of the ball, finish at the rim, take care of the ball, make layups, make free throws — things you’ve been doing since you started playing basketball back in elementary school — I think if we do those three things at a high level, our offense will settle down and be all right.”

Performance and speed To get a sense of just how much “Plus” we’re talking about here, I tested the Eero 6 Plus at my home in Louisville, Kentucky, the same place where I tested the Eero 6 system two years ago. It’s a 1,300-square-foot home with a 300Mbps fiber internet plan, though the true speed limit seems to be more like 375Mbps. Once I’ve had a chance to test the system out in the much larger CNET Smart Home, I’ll update this section with some additional data.

Design, specs and app controls Available now at $299 for a three-pack, $239 for a two-pack or $139 for a single device, each Eero 6 Plus unit is identical, so you can use any of them as either an extender or the main router of the system. They’re 99% identical to the Eero 6 devices that came before them, too — the same glossy white plastic, the same curved design, the same solo indicator light (white means all right, blue means pairing mode and red means “uh oh”). I wouldn’t fault anyone for calling the things uninspired, but they aren’t ugly or bulky or cheap-looking, and they shouldn’t have much trouble blending in with most home decor.

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