Ram temple in Ayodhya: PM Modi to lead life of an ‘ascetic’ for 11 days ahead of ‘pran pratishtha’ ceremony | India News


NEW DELHI: With 11 days, an auspicious number in Hindu belief, left for the “Pran Pratishta” ceremony at Shri Ram Temple in Ayodhya, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who will be leading the performance of the rituals, has started an 11-day-long rigorous fasting which includes “Yam Niyam”, involving regular prayers and Yoga.
The Prime Minister, in a message on Friday, gave this information to the people about following the rituals prescribed in the scriptures before performing the “Pran Pratistha” of the Ram Lalla on January 22.
“Only 11 days are left for the consecration of Ramlala in Ayodhya. I am fortunate that I will also be a witness to this auspicious occasion. The Lord has made me an instrument to represent all the people of India during the ceremony. Keeping this in mind, I am starting a special ritual of 11 days from today. I am seeking blessings from all the people,” the Prime Minister said, adding that it was very difficult to express his feelings in words at the historic occasion.
The Prime Minister posted an audio message, noting that it is difficult to articulate one’s sentiments at this time but he is making an attempt. “I am emotional. First time in my life, I am experiencing such feelings,” Modi said.
A senior functionary said that the Prime Minister has decided that despite all his commitments and responsibilities, he would follow all the rules and penances before performing the “Pran Pratistha” and also on the occasion with the same strictness as instructed in the scriptures.
“In the scriptures, consecration of the idol of God is a detailed and extensive process. For this, detailed rules have been prescribed which have to be followed several days before the Pran Pratistha,” the functionary said.
He said as a devotee of Lord Ram, the Prime Minister was dedicated to the construction of the Ram temple and he will perform the rituals for the consecration ceremony with the same spirit of devotion and dedication to the most celebrated Hindu deity.
“For this, the Honorable Prime Minister has started the ritual of following Yama-Niyam for 11 days before the consecration of life in the idol of Ram Lalla,” the official said.
He said “Dev Pratishtha” is described as the ritual of transmitting divine consciousness into a mortal image.
“For this, instructions have been given in the scriptures to observe fast before the ritual. The Prime Minister continuously follows the rules like Brahmamuhurta Jagran, Sadhana and Satvik diet in his daily routine. However for the next 11 days, the Prime Minister will follow a routine of an ascetic including rigorous fasting,” the functionary said.
Watch PM Modi releases special audio message ahead of Pran Pratishtha, says ‘fortunate to witness Ram temple event’


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