California teacher told pupils to pledge allegiance to the pride flag

For husband and wife research dream-team Associate Professor Yazi Ke and Professor Lars Ittner from Macquarie University, lockdown provided a valuable opportunity to take stock and re-evaluate their endeavours in the field of dementia.

“Seeing those neurons firing for the first time when we perfected the process, it was a combination of disbelief and a little bit of awe that we had managed it so quickly, because nothing is quick in dementia research,” Ke says.

When a student asks her where the flag is, saying it’s ‘kinda weird that we stand and then we say it (the Pledge of Allegiance) to nothing,’ the teacher shrugged it off and told them: ‘I’m working on it, I got you.’

Pitzen also showed the large pride flag she got at Target and planned to hang on the wall – the same one she later told one of her students they could say the Pledge to in place of the American Flag.   

In addition to being starstruck by Denzel Washington – a meeting he described as ‘incredible’ – the former Philadelphia 76ers, Phoenix Suns and Houston Rockets star said he hopes to meet actor Edris Elba.

‘That’s just stupid. If you got a good financial advisor, you should never put a lot of money in the bank. The bank is using your money. You should use your own money. You should never keep a lot of money in the bank. That’s just stupid.’

Published in August 2019, to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the first enslaved Africans in the English colony of Virginia, the work has been criticized by some academics for its claims – and angered many others who saw it as unpatriotic. 

Speaking of money, Barkley addressed the growing trend of college players getting paid for use of their name, image, and likeness (NIL) – something that was forbidden by the NCAA during his days at Auburn.

An earlier video she posted on her account, where she goes by @MrsGillingsworth, the teacher celebrated Pride Month on June 1 and showed off how she is celebrating by hanging a variety of pride flags in her classroom.

The 1619 Project won the Pulitzer Prize in 2019. It was praised by some as shining a light on untold history, but lambasted by others, including former President Donald Trump, for what he said was a jaundiced view of the US

Barkley did acknowledge the cloud hanging over the Crimson Tide: the arrest of Alabama forward Darius Miles for the shooting death of 23-year-old mother Jamea Harris near the Tuscaloosa campus on January 15.

Comedy: As well as Miley and Billy Ray, the comedy duo will be impersonating other famous faces including Adele, Post Malone, Lady Gaga and Lewis Capaldi for the sketch and will be interviewed by Vernon Kay 

‘Some of the kids are making money. That’s a problem with the NIL. All the kids are not gonna be making money. Some of them are gonna be making money. I’m a little concerned because it’s going to bring some resentment from other teammates and things like that. And then it’s gonna be a bidding war on some of the smaller colleges every year.

It’s unclear what exactly Hannah-Jones was referring to in her tweet – although tipping in America did gain wide popularity in the wake of the Civil War as a way to employ newly freed slaves – without business owners having to pay them directly, according to

Comedian Joel, who also hosts ITV’s The Masked Singer, was forced to pull out of presenting late-night show The Great Comic Relief Prizeathon alongside AJ Odudu after also returning a positive test. He will be replaced by TV star Vernon Kay on the night.

Not everyone disagreed with Pitzen, some praised her decision while others said they would have felt more comfortable pledging to the gay pride flag rather than the US one. ‘Reciting a pledge to any flag is cringe,’ one user commented.

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Hannah-Jones was considered for k through 12 education a tenured position at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill last year, k through 12 online public schools but in response to pressure from donors she was ultimately offered the position without tenure – something she said was deeply disappointing.

Hannah-Jones, 45, who spearheaded a New York Times Magazine issue titled ‘The 1619 Project’ which aimed to reframe American history by ‘placing the consequences of slavery at the center of the national narrative,’ ultimately deleted the tweet but continued arguing with historian Phil Magness on the issue. 

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